"stopped" and firefox 3

I think I've got it...from the firefox error console...

This is with vista premium, firefox 3 and the latest ff3 compatible version of adblockerplus loaded.
Seems to do it less with adblockplus disabled, but it still does it. I was able to click on 'usercp' 10-12 times without it happening, then it happened 4-5 times in a row, then good again for another 10-12.

So its not a hard error, just some weird transient thing.
I experienced a similar problem with firefox 2.0.0.X, but it seems more frequent since upgrading to firefox 3.0 a few days ago.

I'm seeing the same thing -- the page I am navigating to loads, then is replaced by a blank screen. Hitting the back button on the browser returns me to the page I was navigating to.

OS is Win XP Pro SP2 with auto-updates turned on, if that helps any.

I reinstalled FF 3.0 yesterday and so far I have not had a problem like I had earlier with the "stopped" error. FWIW.
I've been hitting all over this site with Firefox 3 and Firebug to see if I could come up with something meaningful but I can't get the error. I suppose I could uninstall Firebug and go to a network sniffer like I had originally planned.... or I'm just luckier than you guys.

I haven't had it happen again for a couple of days now.
Strange hasn't happened to me today or the last few days. Maybe it had something to do with all that pron I cleaned out..^-^
To date - we have seen no fix for this. It seems to be a FF 3 issue and there are many reports. Still looking for a solution....
OK, I think I found some information that might be helpful to the admins in trying to sort this out. Since it happens irregularly, I was thinking it was an advert that was causing the problem (since most sites randomize the ads that get served up). I ran a little experiment and tried blocking the domain "connect.socialknowledge.net", and that seems to fix the FF3 blank page issue. I tried all sorts of different things both with and without it blocked, and this seems to be the source of the problems for me. Doesn't mean it's the culprit, but sure seems like it based on my last 30mins or so of browsing the forum.

BTW, I in no way recommend that folks block adverts on their favorite sites - its the ad revenue that keeps most sites running, but I figured I'd share my findings so that:

a) others can try it and determine if it fixes it for them or if my findings were just coincidence. NOTE: Please do not block any adverts permanently if you like this site

b) if this does seem to fix the problem for others as well, the admins can hopefully use this information to track down the source of the issue so there's no need for anyone to block any adverts on this site

[edit - looks like CFB already figured out it was an ad-related issue and got a ticket opened. Hopefully the domain info helps in sorting this out.]
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I have removed the ad in the upper right (it was rotating with our internal E-R.org ad and one for FireCalc). Can you all please report back letting me know if you still have issues. If that was the culprit I will have to pass on the info to the Open Source ad software (OpenX).
After a reinstallation of FF3 I had all day yesterday (6/24) without a problem. Today, after the change Andy mentioned, all of a sudden I could not get anything to work at the site -- kept getting the "stopped" error no matter what I did. I had to log on using IE7 in order to complete this reply. It is much worse than it has ever been.
^ Thanks for the feedback OAG. Others who were having problem, can you please let me know if they persist. The more feedback the better.
I'm still having the issue and can see no improvement due to the change you made. It seems to occur most frequently when I hit the preview button when composing a post. Hitting the back button brings up the page instantly.
More changes made. Can you please try to recreate the problem and report back?


I haven't seen it yet today and I usually do, so whatever you did quite possibly fixed it.


No problems with FF3 or IE7 and Opera 9.5, especially good as FF3 works much better. Have been on and off all day and have not seen the first poblems.
Since there haven't been anymore reports of problems between FF3 & E-R Forum in the last few days, can we safely assume the problem has been cured? Just curious since I'd like to upgrade from FF2.*.*.** to FF3. :)
Since there haven't been anymore reports of problems between FF3 & E-R Forum in the last few days, can we safely assume the problem has been cured? Just curious since I'd like to upgrade from FF2.*.*.** to FF3. :)
I'd like an update too. I hope it's resolved...
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