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Dec 20, 2006
Is there a way to subscribe to a thread so that I can find it later? There have been several interesting threads that I wished to refer back to later that seem to peter out and then I can't find them again without going through MULTIPLE pages of unapplicable stuff.

For instance, Audrey's RV links post is something I would really like to come back to later.

And there was one with a recommended reading list for rookie investors that I can't find anymore, even using the Search button.
retiredbop said:
Is there a way to subscribe to a thread so that I can find it later?
The only "subscribe" feature on the board is intended to notify you of new replies. So if no one says anything then you won't be notified.

Bookmarking is the best way, although if the thread is moved to another category (like "Best of the Boards") then it might get tough to chase it down.

Your memory for posters & keywords may help narrow down the search results. Have you tried messing with the "Advanced Search" settings? Personally I feel that I've archived a lot of my life on this forum-- now if I could just find what the heck I'm looking for.

Another option is using the "Send Topic" button (bottom right) to e-mail the links to yourself and build your own annotated archive.
The "notify" button will subscribe you to the thread. It will email you new replies, and if you can view your subscribed threads (labeled "Current Topic Notifications") in your (button near top) the left of your profile screen is a link "Notifications and Email" where you can see your subscribed threads.

The other suggestions work, too. For searching I alternately use the advanced search feature here and Google with "" as one of the search terms which limits the results to this site. Each method behaves a bit differently and depending on the search one may give you better results than the other.
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