Surprising Customer Service from Best Buy!


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Jul 11, 2005
We purchased a 32" LCD TV for our bedroom less than 2 months ago. Saturday night it would not turn on; neither the remote nor the button on the tv worked. I looked up some tips online and they said that there is frequently a lockout problem with this brand (Westinghouse) so we tried unplugging and replugging and still nothing.

Best Buy has a 30 day return policy, so I told my husband that I thought his trip to the store yesterday afternoon was a wasted effort. I already knew from the Westinghouse information that we would most likely have to ship the TV back for repairs at our expense.

Had to eat crow when he reported that the manager told him that he could bring the TV back to Best Buy, they would ship it back and if it was unrepairable, we could get a new TV. They were pretty sure that something was "fried". (Their word.)

This morning, he takes the TV back to Best Buy to the Geek Squad, and they tell him that it's too big for them to ship and we'll have to do it. He told them what the manager told him yesterday, they called her, she agreed that she did in fact tell him that, and they proceeded to give us a new TV.

Based on the horror stories I've heard about Best Buy's customer service, I'm really impressed with how they handled this.

Now, my only concern is that we've got another lemon on our hands. I hope not, because this TV has the best HD picture I think I've ever seen.
Good for them! I've never had a problem with them, but I've always returned things within the allotted time, so who knows what they'd've done had I gone past. Their return policy is long!
I had a heck of a fight a few years ago to return a laptop after the Third battery in it wouldn't hold a charge within the first two weeks of owning it.
Gail.... read your post and you will see that the manger screwed up... must not have worked there long enough to learn to screw the customer....

You had said when he took it in, they said "tough" and only did it when they called HER... so we can all see she made the mistake and will pay for it....

I still hate Best Buy and would not change with what you wrote...
I'm just happy that she honored what she told us yesterday. She could have said "too bad" and there would be nothing we could do about it.
We bought from Costco because of the long return period. So far the 37" Vaio HD LCD has been fantastic. No regrets.
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