Taking an indefinite break from the board

Al didn't say he was taking a break - just spending less time. We can still probably tease him back with a good health topic.

Or some bacon related teasing.


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Hi all,

I'm taking an indefinite break from the board.

Not that I think I'm so important to this board that anyone would miss me, but there are many here whom I consider friends who might wonder about me not posting for a while; a PM to those folks would inevitably leave out someone.

I'm not dead. I may return at some point. I will probably log in over the next few days to read any comments on this thread. I will not be explaining the reasons for my break except to say that there are multiple reasons, none of which have anything to do with my health, my FI(RE) plans, or any of the regular posters here.

Best wishes to all of you.



I took a break too, and there was a reason -- something I experienced here and said it was not worth addressing with all the rest of life to live. Too small to spend time on, but annoying enough to remember. Came back today because I missed it.

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