Teenage Views Of Parents

I took mine solo to grandpas for a visit.

He was the prince of wails all...the...way...home.

I'm going to bed at 8:00 tonight.

But he's still my pride and joy...in the meanwhile, should he become too surly as a teenager I have several weapons. Telling his girlfriend(s) that we used to call him our "bunny" when he was little, and photos. A lot of photos. First bath. First feeding. And so forth.

If that doesnt work, the same info goes onto his guy friends.

Largest mistake on earth I ever made was taking my dad out for cocktails with some co-workers a little while before I ER'd. That episode on its own probably would have forced me to look for another job. People just wont take you seriously anymore once they find out your parents called you 'junior' until you were 20.
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