Threads read still show up as unread (bold) using "back"


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Oct 18, 2005
Well, the title kinda says it all:
If I click on a thread to read it, and then hit the browser "back" button, the threads I've read keep showing up in bold.

If there is a way to adjust this, it would help me personally.. I know I can scroll (urgh, more scrolling) to the top of the page and click on the sub-forum name to get an updated thread list, but I'm used to my lazy previous way. :D
If there is a way to adjust this, it would help me personally.
Have you tried refreshing the page?

The old "unread threads" page worked the same way-- it occasionally updated on its own but you usually had to refresh it.
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If you refresh - it does "un bold".

I keep hating to read a thread, go back, then click "go to last post" of next thread - any way to go automatically to the last unread in next/below thread ?
The database manages your session (marking what has been read and what has not) and if you go back there is a chance the page is cached in your browser (which it sounds like in this case). You will have to refresh the page to get the Bold/Unbold to show up.

Dave, I have made a note of your request and will look for a solution.
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