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Please tell me more about your antenna and DVR service. This sounds like a good idea for me, too. Comcast has just decided to jack up my monthly rate to about $280 next month. I live just North of Colorado Springs.

We do this as well. We have Xfinity, but only for internet, absolutely nothing else. We pay $55/month with autopay. If we were to pay directly through the checking account it would be an additional $5/month cheaper. I think we're currently at 800 Mb/s service, but that's only because they've increased the speed during the time we've had the service. We're on some promo rate that will expire in 9 months, then I'll switch to another promo plan to lock in the next two years. Xfinity lets you do that. First time I had to chat with customer service online and they did it. The next time, I was able to just switch it on my own choosing the new plan through the website and it all adjusted correctly.

We have Ooma for IP phone service, as we wanted to keep our home phone/"landline". We previously had CenturyLink for our home phone/DSL. We had a "Price for Life" plan, and when they jacked the price up and refused to revert the price back to what it was when I called and assured them I was still alive, I told them what they could do with their "Price for Life" lies.

We have a Tivo Roamio/OTA box in our bedroom for our OTA/DVR, the Smart TVs around the house also do OTA. I have a few digital antennas in the attic and they do a good job pulling in the OTA stations.

Aside from the $55 for Xfinity, we have a Netflix subscription, which I think is $11/month.

Also, with the Xfinity internet, it also allows you to use your Xfinity login to use Xfinity wifi wherever you are if there is a hotspot near you.

We had Comcast/Xfinity maybe 15 years ago and were not happy with the service. Since switching back 5 years ago, things have been much, much better all around, with the service as well as the customer service.
This probably won't matter to most folks, but for anyone doing non-standard things like running a web server or mail server at home or running a VPN server at home to allow access to home file server while travelling etc, this can throw a real wrench in the process.


Dynamic DNS solves this problem. No static IP required. The full service is built into my Asus router, along with VPN. I use it to connect to my home network when traveling.
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