To FIRE now?

Lots of great advice here - I would also vote for a year off or so and then a re-entry into the workforce. I work for an enormous company and have for years been suggesting they add a "sabbatical" benefit of some sort - six paid months off every ten years or so for professionals at a certain level over and above normal vacation benefits. I would think it would be a great tool for retention. Can you imagine leaving a job knowing you were just a year or two away from 6 months of paid leave? What a great opportunity to clear your mind.

As some other folks have said, re-entering the workforce in mid-life can be a ticket to starting over at the bottom. The reason you see people in their 40s and 50s making the big bucks is they have had years and years of experience in the same field. Many companies will pay experienced people double what they pay inexperienced people to do the same job.
Thanks for all the well wishes.

I am also thinking about business school, but I feel like that may just delay my FIRE. If I spend $100,000 on business school it will require more years to make that money back.
Im in a similar age / $ situation as you are and have had similar thoughts. However, I would never think of going back to school, the implied costs are to great if your goal is retirement. Personally my plan is to grind it out for another 5 years before heading to a part time gig -- or maybe even just switch to part time work. If I can work part time and make 25K a year that could give me the freedom I need, subsidise my health insurance and still allow my nest egg to grow.
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