Too Good To Be True???


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Apr 8, 2006
Occasionally I receive "Exclusive" offers for resorts in Hawaii at special rates (typically a Marriott or Starwood property). The offer includes five nights accomodations, rental car and $100 gift certificate for around $800. Typically requires making a reservation within 15 days and 50% down - and using the package within 18 months. The most recent offer is for the Princeville Resort in Kaua'i. I have frequent traveler points with both Marriott and Starwood - so I'm guessing I'm on their mailing list.
I'm curious....has anyone else received these offers and actually taken advantage of the offer - or known anyone who has? I'm just wondering if it is for real. ;)
Don't know about the offer, but the Princeville Resort is pretty darn fancy and it's in a spectacular location on Kauai.

I stayed at the Princeville a few years ago under one of these special
offers (that a friend received). Definitely one of the fanciest places I had
ever been. We paid about $150 a night for a huge room with a beach
view (no car or gift certificate), so your offer sounds pretty good. The
room was so nice that I did not try to take my (rental) bike inside, but
kept it locked in their "garage".
Yes they are real. They are timeshare pitches. You will have to sit through a timeshare pitch for 90 minutes, and just say no. Marriott is the least high pressure of the pitches and the easiest to sit through. I have used these occasionally to add to a weeks vacation in Hawaii, usually at the beginning so as not to ruin the rest of my time there.

They will deliver all they say, hotel, rental car and credits. The room will not be a view room, but how much time do you spend there anyway.
The most recent offer is for the Princeville Resort in Kaua'i.
Even without taking time-share hostages, I'm sure that the hotels have learned to bring you to an isolated resort and to start upselling the heck out of you. Princeville is gorgeous but so is the rest of the island.

I guess it depends on how much they're discounting, but you might do a lot better with a last-minute Kapa'a or Poipu vacation condo. Depending on how you want to spend your time it's probably a better location, too.
I recently received an offer to stay at the Sheraton hotel from Orlando for 4 nights at $169. It will be a one-BR villa. The only catch that you have to reserve the room 30 days in advance plus 7-14 days for the confirmation.
They are for real. My wife and I are going to Oahu this fall instead of our usual trip to Maui. Marriott offered us a deal to stay at their new Ko'Olina resort (which looks really nice) for $600 for 5 nights with rental car.

We get $100 in food credits if we sit through a timeshare presentation.
I have received them in the past (different property) but did not take the offer.
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