Turn 58 and turn free


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Jul 8, 2011
Greetings fellow dreamers and dream-fulfillers. I retire at the end of the year:LOL::LOL::dance:
I'll have @ $750k savings and a $54k pension. I've convinced myself that's going to be plenty. Sure hope I'm right.
I look forward to joining all y'all, and I look forward to reading about your adventures on these forums. Like the old beer commercial said, "You only go around once!"
Hello Tree-dweller and welcome.

If your expenses are less than 84K a year and you have health care taken care of you should be good to go.

Run your #'s via Firecalc and see what it says.

Yeah, I've run Firecalc, and it tells me I'm fine. Even though I know I've worked hard to get here, I also know I'm in a more fortunate situation than many these days. I just have to get over the hump and learn to enjoy it.
Welcome Tree-Dweller. Be sure to tell us more about yourself in this forum.

I didn't hear you mention Social Security. At 58, that's at least 4 years ahead for you if you qualify for it. For many of us, it is our "insurance" policy in case we forgot something. For other's, it's our "play money". In any case, for most of us, it is going to be there and be a significant (if not huge) amount.

Best of luck. Be sure to visit often.
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