Update on Cord Cutting (Cable TV) - 2021 version

Thanks for this. Decided to take the deal mainly for the Olympics. Does anyone know for sure whether the cancellation works the same way as it does for BritBox in that I can cancel right away but I will continue to use the service until the 1 year term is up? I.e. I do not have to remember to cancel a year from now?
Yes. I just checked the account settings page and in the cancellation section it says you “You'll still have access to your plan until your current billing cycle ends”
My daughter just cancelled her service which was expiring in July and it immediately asked if she had a Promo Code and will now renew at $30. Easy Peasy..
Interesting. I just cancelled my other peacock account, but it didn't ask for promo.

These computers are tricky.
Thanks for the reference. I've been off Peacock for a year plus, time to get back on for a while. Plus, the Olympics.
Signed up for the ad supported. Honestly, the ads are shorter than OTA and don't bother me that much.

DW and I started a re-watch of "The Office." It was a good bonding experience.

She loves the show and follows the actors today on social media. I just liked the show. I have to say it was enjoyable to watch something so incredibly politically incorrect (for the first 2 episodes). I may have winced a few times, but I also laughed my ass off while watching those two episodes.
Repost from Reddit.

Has anyone getting Peacock Premium (with ads) through Comcast Xfinity for free added a 1-year subscription through this promotion?

Do they add the year to the end of when you are suppose to get access for free?

Or does it start immediately, which wouldn't be useful for people getting Peacock for free currently?
I just cancelled my Hulu Disney bundle. I’ve been thinking about doing that for some time, last night they had a system failure, and today when I called and asked for a credit they started giving me the runaround. So I cancelled.

I picked up Peacock with the deal posted earlier here, and if any other streamers offer sale prices I now have some room.
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