vBulletin improvement suggestion for social groups


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Dec 11, 2002
The vBulletin social groups need a subscription feature, and the 3.8.0 release already includes that.

But what the social groups could also use is a way to notify the members. When I want to send out an announcement to the group, it gets real old to send PMs to 60+ addressees… five at a time.

Or let me know if there's already a faster way to do that. Thanks.
Gotta be a be a big time spammer issue, no?

Thanks for the feedback. We will be upgrading to 3.8 before July. I'll talk to Jeff (Tech Admin) and get a game plan in place for this. Once that's done we can install this add-on to gain the PM communication tool you are looking for.

Thanks, Andy.

Gotta be a be a big time spammer issue, no?
Yeah, that can be a problem. Spammers could hack into the PM code and use it to spam the entire board like the notorious gay Asian porn incident of a few years back.

This would be intended for just the members of a social group, though, so hopefully the damage would be a bit more limited. And I guess it wouldn't be any problem at all for the gay Asian porn social group...
The add-on product I posted a link to limits any PMs sent to members of Social Groups to be sent only from the Group's Owner/Admin. So if we get reports of a group owner spamming the members we can deal with that internally. I don't suspect we will have many issues and if we do, we can handle them as needed.

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