What to do with old HP laptop


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Jul 3, 2009
Hi All,

Have an old HP Pavilion dv6500 running Vista Home Premium (circa 2007) with 2 GB memory and 150 GB hard drive ... it has a large screen and has always been reliable ... gave up on replacing battery long ago, though.

I want to keep it as it has all the now unusual interfaces in one machine - and, it has files that while I have backed up, another location isn't a bad idea.

Came up again, after we tried to replace a key to our Saab convertible - eventually found a local guy to do it, but I had researched it and found an XP machine to be useful.

Many of the usual search engines and various bits of software don't do well with that particular OS ...

What are my options to switching OS to something that while old, would still be compatible?

How does researching a Saab convertible key make an OS version useful?
Good question!

Lost a key ...the Tech 2 device interfaces with a database called GlobalTIS in order to obtain security access to enable to Tech 2 to marry the new key to the car via the current key.

Usually not a biggie cause someone is in the business of doing this - I initially worked through dealer to local indie shops for foreign cars ... since there aren't many of these cars around anymore, no one locally had the PCMCIA card for the Saab.

I was considering just buying all the gear myself - OEM versions through the GM system (last real owner of Saab) are at least $1000 ... new knockoffs work, but even they are $300ish, plus requires a couple of add on devices, cables for both the car and connection to a computer ... simplest connection was to a Windows machine running XP (and some software knowhow to crack and fix the code) ... there are other options like emulating Windows on my Mac, but that sounded even more painful.

Anyway ... found a locksmith in town that has stayed up on all this - key is on order ($200) ... another $50 to code and cut. He says late model Mercedes are running $700-900 ...

Fun story though ...
I have had good luck ordering keyblanks on eBay. Programming them is a separate issue.
What to do with old HP laptop

Back to the original question. My answer is: retire it, and keep in reserve for the RARE occasion you will need the old interfaces. That's what I did with my 9y/o HP.

Got a new machine with SSD hard drive. Boots in 10-15 seconds.

A few weeks ago I pulled out the old one, just for kicks. At least 3 minutes to boot (I didn't time it, so it could be longer), and SLOW, compared to the new one. At some point in time I will probably try to wipe the system and re-install an operating system just to use it for web browsing.

Yep, that is kind of what I was thinking, but question is which OS? Vista is a dead end.


Yes, can get the keys - many, many, many are not OEM, and while some do work, most are trying to work their way through the remain stock of Saab OEM keys ... not sure if someone is producing them under contract. Orio is the supplier. Sniff ... car is 2010 Vert is bright red with black and ivory leather - has been very reliable - never anything broken - did have to get airbag replaced under recall.

Programming is pretty straightforward, but the cost of the device and the security access is kinda silly, especially given the low cost of electronics. Can see why dealers love it, though.
I had good results upgrading an old Win XP computer to Win 8.1 pro via the Win 8 pro upgrade route.
The process I used was to clone the original drive and update to that, keeping the old drive as a fail-safe.
I used Win 8 pro upgrade software that I purchased from a reputable dealer on ebay.
Next, I removed as much of the add-on software as possible then upgraded directly to Win 8.1 pro (get iso from Windows Media Creation Tool and burn disc) using the Win 8 pro upgrade Key Code.
Finally, I installed the old software via Win XP mode.
I still use it regularly with no problems out of the ordinary.
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