What's in your wallet?

I noticed not one person (that I saw) listed a Capital One card. **edited I was only on page 1 at the time I posted that and looks like one person on page 2 uses one

Based on that, are people basically saying that it isn't a great card for rewards?

We have over 200,000 points on our Cap 1 card. We also have a Marriott card and a Priority Club (Holiday Inn) card that I got years ago when I was traveling a ton.

We mostly use the Capital 1 card.

After skimming through this thread, I'm wondering what the absolute best card(s) are?
I have a Discover It for cashback and FICO score and a Citi Visa for places that don't accept Discover.
Costco Amex for most things, and [-]Shitty[/-] CitiBank AA MC for air travel and monthly bills.
Costco Amex for cash back.
Cap One Visa for no foreign exchange fees and mileage.

I have the autopay accounts on cap one. I use Amex as my #1 choice.

I have another visa (AAA) in a drawer. Won't close it because it's my longest held card and would impact my credit score if I closed it.

I have a debit visa through the credit union - but only use that for ATM.
We use one CC with one backup:

Costco AmEx - decent cash back (3%,2%,1% depending on category) and no annual fee (beyond CostCo membership)

BofA Travel Visa - (backup card for when AmEx isn't accepted) We just switched to this one because it has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee and a chip in it. It also turns out to offer "one of" numbers which can be used for single transaction. I've used this a few times for online merchants. Even so, since we haven't done any over seas travels since getting this card, we almost never use it. We cancelled the older Visa card this replaced.
I noticed not one person (that I saw) listed a Capital One card. **edited I was only on page 1 at the time I posted that and looks like one person on page 2 uses one

I actually have 2 Cap One cards:

Capital One MC Advantage
Capital One MC Rewards
BOA VISA Rewards
Chase Disney

And $0 balance on all.
Interesting follow up to my recent post on this thread...

I carry the Capital One Venture Visa Card which returns 2% cash back on travel purchases and has no foreign currency fees. I recently completed a trip to Costa Rica. CR charges a $30 "exit fee" at the airport upon departure. I charged the fee to my card and returned home to discover that they had treated this as a "cash advance" resulting in an additional $10 cash advance service charge to my account. I called Capital One and they agreed to reverse the $10 charge.

I wasn't expecting this but it was a pleasant surprise. I have been very pleased with this credit card and now even more so.
I use my AMEX Blue Cash card for most all of my purchases. Up to 5% back on supermarket, gas, and drugstore.

I have an Amazon Visa that I don't really use. If AMEX is not accepted I mainly revert to my debit.

My husband uses a Chase Visa and it has rotate cash back categories. He had not redeemed anything for 1.5 years and we just got a $500 credit. Came in handy as that was the same bill where we paid for a new head gasket on the Subaru!

Capitol One was opened just for our Canadian weddingmoon. Our other cards have a foreign transaction fee which I found out after a work trip to Finland. I will probably just be used for vacations out of the US.
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