When to retire?

zcung said:
shouldn't we all being doing something more with our lives after ER? and I am not talking about volunteerism or charity w*rk.

People here talk of dozens of things from vacations, to reading, to sports... Your quote suggests that isn't enough. You seem to have ruled out volunteerism/charity work as if that is not worth mentioning.

So...? You brought it up- you must have something in mind. Spit it out.
zcung said:
it seems FIREs daily life is too routine and (to me) may be even boring.

I despise routine and automatically rebel against it (ask any of my employers/teachers/parents/children/husbands!) and can assure you that my days aren't similar to each other. My time now reminds me a little of my early adulthood between college and rasing children full time, when I sang medieval and Rennaissance music, learned to cook, went hiking and camping, read what I wanted to. I did forget to mention my volunteer work in my earlier post, but even that takes place on random days. After I get back from a month in Italy and spending a little time with my children and friends, I'm thinking of picking up another activity, perhaps some different additional volunteer work or taking a class. I'll see how I feel in September. It's so nice to be free to choose!

I'm a dilettante by nature and not very goal-oriented. I spent 20+ years working d@mn hard for The Man--fortunately it was mostly creative and flexible work with nice people. But now I'm back to being my true freewheeling, hippie self 8). I am happiest when I live according to my nature--not according to someone else's expectations (even yours ;) )

It's up to YOU to figure out how to spend your life. The best we can do is tell you how we spend ours to help spark your imagination. But perhaps you're more like my Mom. She prefers a very structured life--goes to sleep and wakes up at the same time every day, takes walks at the same times every day, has reguarly scheduled bridge games, volunteer work, lunches out, hair & nail appointments, shopping days and times. Her life would make me insane, and vice versa.
If you really can't imagine the thought of true retirement, but you have a 12 year old at home, quit, spend time with your kid, take up a job at a junior college teaching computer science, inspire young people to great careers, have three months off in the summer, still feel like a productive member of society.
I feel tired and worn out! should I retire early... is that all there is...I have no ideas what to if I do ...
it seems FIREs daily life is too routine...is that all there is...shouldn't we all being doing something more with our lives

while some satisfaction might flow from the likes of what we do, where we are, how much we have, or even, ultimately, who we are with, these are not the wellsprings of happiness.

when you think this is where your life is centered, you will forever remain out of balance. instead of finding happiness, all your energy will be exerted to finding balance as you go through life holding the ends of a tilted spinning gyroscope. so of course you feel tired and worn out as living that life takes so much effort.

for as long as you insist life be this difficult, it won't matter whether each day is routine or adventure. for you will either be bored or tired with the routine or you will hop from one adventure to another, taking minimal satisfaction from either.

and whether you are rich & lazy, collect a pay check or work for charity, none necessarily speaks to how well you pay yourself, to how well you balance your own books. you might collect a paycheck for a job you don't care for, you might work charity out of some sense of guilt or just trying to make yourself feel good. out of this you might get some temporary satisfaction. but not permanent retirement, not a place of seclusion from all the torment keeping us from peace.

find that and you will know when to retire.
Thank you all for sharing. I am beginning to see ER now. I think I am going to re-position myself and planned to hang it up completely in five years or so.

Ron, I see what you mean... I am sitting here in the office instead of fishing meaning I am doing something that someone else want me to.

Bunny, UR right. So how do I undiscipline my routine.

Don, please don't get me wrong, I have been and always will volunteer and will help out others. I was seeking for some... perhaps higher purposes.

Astro, I think you got it down well, travel lately?

Laurence, good suggestion with teaching.

Lazy, your quote is very inspiring.

zcung said:
Bunny, UR right. So how do I undiscipline my routine.

That seems to have a way of taking care of itself...I used to be mr organized and disciplined and now i'm a human entropy machine...
Cute Fuzzy Bunny said:
That seems to have a way of taking care of itself...I used to be mr organized and disciplined and now i'm a human entropy machine...
In other words, start a family.
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