Where can I buy euros


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Oct 20, 2003
Anyone know where I can buy or how I can buy euros without getting ripped off ?
Or should I just wait until I get to Ireland and buy them at the airport exchange booth ?
Wait until you get there, and then use your ATM card in the airport. Best rate, minimal hassle.
Airport currency exchange booths are about the worst place to buy euros, in my experience. You're far better off getting money out of an ATM, using your US debit card.

The card companies are starting to charge for foreign transactions, though ... but I gather that the Citibank debit card still does them for 'free'. There was a thread on this some time ago, I think.

Thanks, I found the other thread and (bad memory) it was started by me.
Yes use the ATM at the airport - they offer the best rate - its safe and the administration charge is minimal.

Nearly every country I have visited in the world now has an ATM at the airport so you can get local currency without using the ripoff merchants at the Exchange places.

I went to Morocco, Turkey and Vietnam recently and they all had ATM's at the airport and I know they have them in Ireland also.

Happy holidays.
You may not be able to count on your ATM card...

I recently made a trip to Spain. I warned my bank and my credit card companies in advance. Nonetheless, the first time I tried to use my ATM card (and one of my credit cards): NADA! :rant: I spent a couple of hours making phone calls before getting the mess cleared up. It seems that Visa now sits as an intermediary on many ATM cards and was blocking my transactions, at least that's what the bank says. :bat: Fortunately, I had some euros from a prior trip and this was enough to meet my immediate needs.
Did you have sufficient funds in your account as I have never had any problem withdrawing money upon my arrival in any new country I have visited?
Buying euros (or any other currency for that matter) is very expensive no matter where you do it..

As others have said, do it with an ATM... if the one at the airport does not work (and I have had it happen)... exchange some money to get you to your hotel or where every you are staying and THEN go to an ATM or a money exchange... almost all offsites are better... and some are better than others..
Did you have sufficient funds in your account ...?

More than sufficient.

I did not try to use the airport ATMs. I tried multiple ATMs around Barcelona wihtout success.

If you travel frequently you may have an easier time because that may become part of your profile. I've been leaving the country only yearly.

It may also have something to do with Spain. My SIL, who traveled with us, was told by her bank before we left that her ATM card would simply not be honored in Spain.
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