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Jul 10, 2006
I am new to the board. I am married and live in Texas, 54 years old. We are thinking of retiring in the next year or two. One of the things I'm currently researching is where to live. We love Texas, but hate the Houston weather. Does anyone know a website that lists locations by good weather or temperate climate? I've searched and can't find what I need. I know I can put in any city on the weather sites and get stats such as days of sunlight, rain, etc. I really want one that lists places with the best weather. Any ideas out there?

I'd also be interested in a site with a lists that gives more about the people in a geographic location. For example, more spiritual, or more progressive, or more tolerant, or more diverse, etc.

Glad to be on the forum and appreciate the new knowledge.
I'd like to see that, too, although I think the idea of "good weather" is kind of dependent on the individual -- some of us would consider moving to Houston for the weather! ;)
Good question that I also don't have the answer to.

I do know that I live in one of the most liberal and progessive areas of the country.  But the weather stinks.

I did find this site which provides some climate profiles,but it really isn't what you are looking for:  http://www.bestplaces.net/climate/
Thanks for replying. Houston actually is a wonderful city to live in and the weather is beautiful for 7 to 8 months out of the year, but the summers are just too incredibly hot and last 4 to 5 months long.
I know what you mean.  Summers can't be beat here on Lake Superior.

Want to be gone when it is like this:


And return when it is like this:
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I faked it out, and wa-la, it came up with the metro area I live in, 5 other communities in the region that I know well, plus San Franciso, San Jose, San Diego ... all with housing prices I know are well above the range I specified (I suppouse you could find a closet to buy under $450,000). It also offered cities in regions I didn't check. It was fun 'tho.

Consider eastern Washington ( no income tax):
Pullman, Spokane, Yakima, etc.
or eastern Oregon (no sales tax),
Bend, Sisters
or something on the Columbia River
Live in Vancover, WA, (houseboat? cruiser? :) ), shop in Portland, OR,
or further uspstream
Hood River, The Dalles, Richland/Pasco/Kennewick.

You will find liberal, progressive, red-neck, Fundamentalist Christian and Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh (OK, he is dead, but there must still be a few Rashneeshies hanging out at the ranch in Antelope, OR--Ma Anand Sheela, where are you?).

Lots of sunshine, mountains if you want them, weather better than Houston, for sure, close to or far away from the big cities (depending on houw you look at it).

Why not get a cabin in Idaho to spend the summers? In my experience, it is tough to find a place that has it all.

Southern Cal (SD & area) comes close because of the moderating fog but then there are all the people and prices...and some gloomy periods too. Even rain lately.
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