Why aren't my posts being sent automatically?


Dryer sheet wannabe
Jul 16, 2010
I used to be able to post but now it has to be sent for moderation approval before it appears.

Could someone please check my posting history and find out what happened? I hope I did not offend anyone.
All new members' first few posts must be individually approved by moderators before they appear on the board if they include links (even links that are in quotes from other posts). This is done automatically by our software.

The reason for this procedure is that we have had some severe problems with spammers. This has helped us a lot in that respect, but unfortunately means that sometimes new members may have to wait before their posts appear.
You should see your post now.
Yes, it looks like it was the automatic hold function of posts with links (as W2R, including quotes that contained links) given the small number of posts overall to that point. Nothing personal, nothing to do with the ignore function.

And welcome to the boards!
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