Windsor Fund


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Dec 22, 2005
I am considering investing in the Windsor Fund from Vanguard. What do you all think of this fund? It got 4 stars from morningstar, and just dropped almost 2 dollars from the share price because of gains paid out.

Just wondering if this is a good fund to hold outside of retirement, when you consider taxes to be paid because of the turnover (34%)

Does anyone use this as a core holding?
I've had Windsor II for a long time, since Windsor was always closed when I looked in years past. WII has outperformed the large cap US value index pretty consistently at least over the last 10 years, and makes me feel an active (or at least a low-fee Vanguard active) US LG Value fund makes sense as a core holding.

Just spent a few minutes comparing Windsor and Windsor II and still like WII better -- lower turnover, better performance -- I'd at least give it a look if you are serious about Windsor.
Thanks for the does look like a better investment, with better returns and lower turnover...
I got into windsor II on charlie's recommendation (THANKS CHARLIE!), its worked out very well and i'll be keeping it for the forseeable future. Also looks better than windsor. In admiral shares, its pretty cheap for a managed fund. Distributions this year were also fairly tax friendly.
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