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dory36 Founder, Developer of FIRECal
Jun 23, 2002

Okay, Dory, you are having too much fun here all alone. It gives you too much time to play. We need to scare up some serious posts soon!

Yeah -- but where is everyone?

I'm guessing that the market has driven thoughts of early retirement from many folks' minds... :(

I have to agree. A lot of people are probably very shell-shocked at the moment; watching their dreams evaporate before their very eyes.

Let's all hope this doesn't get too ugly!

Many of us still working slobs have been on vacation. Just got back from mine and, Boy!, do I need a vacation 8)

I will post pictures when I get the time.
nmckay over on the TMF REHP board wants to know if your "work icon" is available in "screen saver" format?

Not that I know if. But if nmckay will drag the work icon off the message and onto the desktop, or right click on the icon and save it somewhere, then put the cursor over the desktop, right click, and select "Properties", the Desktop tab becomes visible, and the icon can be set as the background image. Tiled is best -- you see a gazillion little heads banging.

It looks about as annoying as it can be -- appropriate for work!

As you all contemplate when and how to RE, keep this
in mind. My little rural area had about 25 obits in
today's Sunday paper. Some of the ages were:
62, 57, 42, 56, 63, 48, 24, 54, 59, and 63. If that won't get you moving I don't know what will.
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