Wouldnt an Ignore feature be nice?

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Dec 17, 2003
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Can we install this?


I see a lot of people putting it in and no complaints.

Thought I was on the trail of a firefox greasemonkey plug in that did the same thing, but it looks like the developer did it for phpbb boards, started on an SMF version and then petered out.

I'm really tired of the poor quality trolls. At least good trolls are fun to poke with a stick. If we're not going to tell the unproductive "people" to take a hike even after they've clearly stated their trolling intentions, at least provide a tool to 'ignore' them.

The process of "see the username, avert eyes to the next post" just became a bit onerous this morning. When the trolls start responding to each other and randomly inserting off topic posts, it gets a little busy.
My worry about installing mods is upgradability. I've looked at an ignore user mod (probably that one) and liked the idea but was concerned about future software upgrades.

I think we moderators have about decided to quit worrying about democracy and personality cults and start banning people simply because we liked it better when they weren't around. (I'm oversimplifying here...there was something about men biting dogs but I got confused.) Stay tuned....

Yay early-retirement.org personality cult! :smitten:
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