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Feb 12, 2005
30 year old kid checking in. Currently I just do odd jobs to stay even but that is getting old so I am wrapping things up and will be selling my place in a year or so I guess.

I plan to head to a bigger town or small city to find a job and most likely just rent something that allows me to not need a car to get to work. I really like having a car but for now I want to kill some of the everyday expense.

The money I get from selling my current place will get invested in the market in some form or another. I currently don't have much in the way of other investments so I figured I would be asking lots of questions here and should register and get started so I have something planned for next year.

I have always lived simply and part of that comes from living below my means. I figure that I can still retire early even with my few years of taking it easy. And the taking it easy period kept me from getting really frustrated with the rat race and get my thinking in order so that now I know what I want to accomplish and bad bosses won't cause me frustration like they used to.

I already read most of the faq, need to go through the ones I skipped just to learn some basics though. I plan to mostly be reading for a while but will be asking questions as I read current posts to help boost my learning curve.

Well, that is enough about me for now.

Welcome to the Board. At 30 you are no longer a kid. But it sounds like you are beginning to survey the horizon and are just starting to ask the right questions.
You have a long haul in front of you to Financial Independence (FI). But every journey starts with a single step. This is a good place to benefit from the experience of those who have achieved it and to be inspired by the example of those who are on the road to it. It has been done, it can be done, and you can do it, too. Good luck.


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