2024 Investment Performance Thread

Was up nicely on 1/30, but gave it back on 1/31!

Essentially flat YTD.
Link to my December results: https://www.early-retirement.org/forums/f28/2023-investment-performance-thread-116550-26.html#post3032459

Preliminary January 2024 results:
January: -0.2%
YTD: -0.2%
YoY: +8.4%
Since 12/31/22:+10.7%
Since high [12/31/21]: -2.4%
Since 12/31/20: +9.1%
Since 12/31/19: +24.1%

I was "up" as of two days ago, but the end of month market dip has pushed this into negative territory.

Allocation is still around 42% equities, 52% bonds (mostly short term or inflation adjusted), 6% precious metals/other.

I use a pretty basic approach to calculations in terms of returns, not really adjusted for inflows or outflows. But, having just done some rough calculations of 2023 spend, I am not adding new funds for investment (if anything, spending more than income).
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Well, it was OK until yesterday. I'm not even gonna look.:(
The port is a little flat. -.04% lost from the total.

We converted the last of her IRA to Roth. Bought two CD's. Gave DIS to son. Just moving money here and there, and enjoying life.

The AA is close to expected.
62.33% Equity
20.35% Fixed
17.31% MMF and iBonds
Up 1.2% for January. This includes month-end interest payments.
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Still in the hovering range of all time high, I did end up plus .90% for YTD, one month in. It is an interesting start of the year.

A couple days before the end of the month I had a plus 2.15% growth YTD. Things can change in a hurry and make a lot of difference in dollar amount.
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On our Schwab portfolio with an AA of 60/40 equity/fixed income we are..

YTD +1.14% ending January
I added it up this morning...

1/31/2023: +1.05% YTD.

Just by itself, that's a nice number. But as of 1/29 I was up 2.41%. And in 2023, that first month gave me 7.08%.

Still, I'm not gonna be greedy! I'm happy with it!
-1.3%. I usually don't look one day to the next, but at month-end, if I'm not consumed with other more interesting things in life, I do a more accurate pull and merge the instantly priced stuff after the close on the 31st with the stuff that's priced once a day, on the 1st. Hard not to see the hit.
Up 0.7% for the first month on a 65/35 portfolio. Since Feb will have an extra day this year, maybe it will work harder! :LOL:
Up 0.68% for the month.

66% stocks
21% bonds
13% money market funds

I'll take it.
Up 0.22% for January. Enough for a new high in our investable assets.
In January I did a Roth conversion, a spending withdrawal and rebalanced. At month end +.65%.
I do my net worth statement every quarter, not due until 3/31.
I have property I have held on the books at $155k for 12 years. I signed a sales agreement 2 months ago for $275k. So, since I now have a value for the land do I increase it's value in my net worth statement, or wait until closing. :)

Yes, I have sellers remorse, did I sell it to low? The plan is to build a Dollar General on the property. But they wanted many months to do their due diligence on my time. I should get the deposit in my account in 35 days that I get to keep, but they still have several more months to back out, if they find some problem.
Up 5.15% as of EOD today 2/1

95% equity
5% Cash and Equivalents
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Up 0.44% as of Jan. 31.
Up 1.29% as of Feb. 1.
What a difference a day makes.

<53/47 equities/fixed>
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