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Jan 14, 2006
Hello im another Ed, really glad to have found this site. Im only 27 and im halfway to early retirement just setting it up this year, but at the moment ive been busier then ive ever been. Idecided to invest in property and be a landlord there had to be some major sacrifices, it could end up turning into being a full time job property developing but what ill have in place for the moment should have me getting by, and then the plan is to visit a nice asian country for a year which im just back from, do i can test what its like to live there. So a few major decisions to be done and i wouldnt say it is smooth sailing but its looking alright, it certainly could be a lot worse after all who else would be able to look at retirement this early. When people ask me what i do i say im young entrprenure/buisnessman investor or property developer, which is kinda true really just gives me a lot of free time, it was either that or top myself working in all those different places drove me bananas, i love doing my own thing and im a great believer in you dont have to be doing something to be doing something, i have done far more productive things doing what somone observing from the outside considers nothing just cos your not in a full time job, so its all a state of mind aswell really and ofcourse its all about money at the end of the day too, just for the record im INTP too, love this forum great :) nice to meet you all.... Ed. :)
Welcome to the board, boostah. Hope you find what you're looking for.

Howard said:
That is the longest Run On Sentence I have ever read.
Howard, once upon a time on this board you were a new poster too. How would you have felt if you were greeted with a similarly snarky comment to this one?

Feel free to delete your post and try again. If you do so then I'll edit this one accordingly.
Good day boostah

I welcome you to the board as well. From your post it looks like you are working part time as an investor-developer-landlord. Congratulations on being half way there at 27

Howard that was plain rude!

Nice to meet you too, Ed! Welcome! I like your spirit!

kate (an INFP or ENFP, depending on the situation.)
Welcome boostah. I'm a 29 year old novice, who's hoping to ER in my mid-30s, and have found this site both wildly entertaining and extremely educational.

I've toyed with the idea of getting into residential real estate rentals, but then am worried about the RFH (renter from hell) syndrome that keeps me from seriously searching for apartment complexes. That, and when I can get 8%+ returns from my various REIT ETFs, I feel the additional return from DIY isn't worth the potential headaches.

How did you first become interested in real estate? Are you going the residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use route? Have any mentors along the way, or just pick up little bits of advice here and there from people?

Thanx y'all, i do ramble on a bit sometimes hahaha ive noticed that about my scentences, my situation is in the uk, i guess it is kind of part time work- but once the hard stuff is done its 90% free time which i use researching or simply browsing the net, making songs and otherstuff that i enjoy thats not expensive. Its barely enough to get by here actualy below minumum wage, but as far as i know it exempts me from taxs, and im not living off the government, Plus i dont have rent or mortgage to pay. I have to admit though it is a fairly limiting lifestyle, although i can afford the odd flight home cinema and bottle of wine, still have to watch the pennies, and theres always gadgets im drooling over, which rightly enough can be saved for if a holiday is forgone. I had thought about investing in foreign couintries before, ive been around and recently just to philippines, so im thinkin of renting there for a year to see how it goes, the women are nice to me the heat is free, there is beautifull spots to visit, pretty much everytihng is half price or less so the lifestyle is much better plus if the move was to be i could get a really nice house with a pool and a maid to clean up God knows i need that..hahaha. I got the idea for property instead off just living off interest because i think as an investment goes they would be worth more to sell and maybe buy better property down the road, there is some diy and things now and again, but if your not too busy its not too much of a chore. Im lucky enough to be young free and single too. However it works out this is a great place to trade ideas.
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