72T question about additional income


Dryer sheet wannabe
Jan 24, 2007
Can any of you tell me if there are any restrictions on outside earnings while drawing income from an IRA under the rules of 72T.

Example: If I retire at 55 and my income is soley derived from my wife's pension and $45k I withdraw annually from my IRA account under the rules of 72T, can I make money from say a partime job on the side? Are there limitations as to how much I can make on the side?

I know there are limitations once I start drawing SS but I am looking at the seven year bridge until SS.
There is no limitation at all, not to my knowledge.
No other income concerns with 72(t) beyond just the additional income taxes on a higher income. Nothing in the 72(t) is affected by any other sources of income as the calculation only addresses your IRA balance and the formula you use.

there is a website you might want to check out.


has a discussion board where you can ask questions and (seemingly) very knowledgeable responders

also has other 72t information that might interest you
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