Altering my titles

Come'on, he is recuperating from a back knee.

OK, I [-] kneed[/-] need to see a photo of rayinpenn. He's obviously not the person I thought he was.

note: Darn. REWahoo beat me to it.
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Oh, you think the culprit is that high speed internet connection? I thought the problem was due to our different time zones. I guess I could level the playing field by getting a high speed internet connection and moving to Texas.
Again, negativity not intended. When I was w*rking (in IT where acronyms rule), I was taught and management asked for it, "when using acronyms, the first usage of it in any communication should be followed by it's intended meaning" ie "I just had a TKR (Total Knee Replacement)". Just M2C :cool:
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