Any interest in a stock picking board?

While this duplicates what is already on Yahoo and elsewhere, hopefully a mature audience and serious moderation would make it valuable for retirement-oriented people.
That's why I'd like to see it. There are enough intelligent people here that this could be worthwhile. It might have a chance as a sub-discussion forum rather than those places which are primarily stock discussions forums which are usually worthless.

Personally, I would call it "Individual Security Analysis" rather than "Stock Picking" since I'm presuming we'd discuss more than just stocks.
Yabbut let's not get it too broad right away. Don't want bonds, index funds, mutual funds cluttering it up. If there is interest in those too (as I am sure there is), make them separate. Start simple and spin off as interest grows. Don't want Vanguard discussions to swamp the area. They already have their own playground.
I have setup a forum for this based on your input. It is on the forum listing page and called Stock Picking (Individual Security Analysis).

As for the right way to use this new forum, let's keep talking about it. I think we should try not to restrict the types of investments discussed and as the forum fills up we will be able to analyze the stock types and then make sub-forums as needed.

This does bring up something I think we should think about, taxonomy. We have so much info, we need an easy way to click insurance and see all the topics about insurance, then click EFT and see all the discussions about EFTs. I think that way we can have less compartments (where discussions get tucked away and lost) and let more discussions occur in a more general area but tag the discussions for easy reference when researching.

Your thoughts?
No problem with taxonomy. In fact we all know that threads weave all over the place making it impossible for moderators to keep it clean. So that would be a really nice feature.

And initially we can limit it to anything traded so Options would also be fair game. I guess ETFs are fine. Just not bonds and mutual funds.
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