Asymptotically approaching retirement

I did something similar to what you are doing.

I dropped to 50% time AND they let me move to Hawaii and work remotely. The plan was I would then drop to 0% in 6 months. But it turned out they needed me for a lot more than 50% time. It got very complicated but I ended up getting RIF'ed one month before retirement, with severance at the 80% level. Now they want me to do some consulting for them.

At any rate, it turned out well for me financially, but as far as ramping down my schedule it never worked out that way. I was always getting called into various little crises. But it was nice working from Hawaii where we retired to.
Starting July 8th I am reducing from 8 to 6 hours per day through 2015 and will then consider going to 4 hrs per day for another year or 2. Luckily through 2015 I have enough vacation and PT to still take 3 weeks of vacation each year and get paid full time also.
I was lucky that I was able to take Fridays off March-October to continue my Desert Tortoise tracking study. Soon volunteering at the Desert Botanical Garden and the Master Gardener program on the weekend got in the way. Something had to give, gee wouldn't you know it, fun things first. :facepalm:
I think you are very lucky to have such flexibility and it is a wonderful way to approach retirement and I like your math analogy ;).

I am really ready to retire/quit (no retirement benefits) and try semi or full retirement, but recent announcements at work have made me postpone a bit. My company is undergoing major change, and many will be laid off in the next 12 months. The financial gain if I get laid off could be very good for me, so DH and I discussed staying another year now, and seeing if I get a package. If not I will definitely quit and relax!!!

My problem, a good one, is I am relocating to a warmer place very soon. So I am getting ready to submit a proposal to work remotely. I won't be asking for a reduction in hours, just virtual work. I have been telecommuting 2 days a week to prove that I can do it, but that doesn't mean my boss will agree to permanent full time virtual work.

It sounds like your approach is working so far, so do what works for you!! :)
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