Attempt at most lopsided poll ever


  • My outlook/time horizon on (early) retirement HAS changed

    Votes: 54 50.5%
  • My time horizon on (early) retirement has NOT changed

    Votes: 53 49.5%

  • Total voters
We had planeed to retire in two years after we both became eligible for subsidized health insurance from our employer. The subsidized health insurance program was discontinued last month. So we will work a few more years to compensate for increased healthcare costs and see how this economic mess plays out.
I am probably 7 years away from FIRE at this point. Maybe 10. But I have been that way for a few years. ;) We seem to be stuck in neutral, and watching the portfolio and net worth crawl backwards to levels last seen a year or two ago is disheartening. But I know that severe market downturns are typically followed by significantly above average positive returns. And the current market downturn has been worse than all previous downturns (in modern history) except the Great Depression. So from my viewpoint, we will probably have a good 7 years of investing ahead of us.

But changing the market returns from 7% to 15% in the spreadsheet only trims off a couple of years (hence the 7-10 year estimate) since a major component of increases in the portfolio will be new contributions over a relatively short time period.
Definitely postponed. Despite the race between portfolio value and newly sampled luxuries, our net worth was just 5% short of our target at the peak in 2007. I thought for sure we would escape in 2008. Now with no retirement pension or health benefits, and a wounded equity heavy portfolio, it is going to be awhile.
Given the audience here, I would expect the results to be overwhelmingly to one side. I was on track to FIRE comfortably in 1-3 years, now I don't expect to retire for X years, my whole outlook has changed dramatically - sigh. I only know of one person here who seems to be overfunded and could stay on track, although I am sure the SIRE crowd will foil my attempt at a lopsided poll (I am a pure FIRE candidate, no pension or retiree health care).

Here's a larger sample:

Because of the current economic environment, do you think you will be working longer than you had planned?
[FONT=Arial,Arial]Over half (54%) of current workers say the current economic crisis will delay their retirement plans by one year or more. [/FONT]​
[FONT=Arial,Arial]Younger (30-39) and older (60+) workers are less likely to say the current economic environment has impacted their retirement plans. [/FONT]

About 60% of the 50-59 age group said they would need to delay at least a year.
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