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There's the question of quality vs quantity and also the question, what is quality? Having visited Tanzania, whose population has a lifespan of about 45 years, I have serious questions about the meaning of "quality of life." Here in the US we have lots of stuff. We also have a really unhappy population of overworked, overstressed people with a government that has decided to spend, spend, spend us all into future bankruptcy.

In contrast, Tanzania has a population of people who live in community, help each other, sing and dance, and make love all the time. Yes, they have poverty, but I didn't see any evidence of starvation. Many people do not have TVs. Oh, tragic. Yes, AIDS is an epidemic. But somehow they keep happy despite having no antidepressants. Why?
let's see. i could get to hug a baby lion in africa or pet a walrus in iceland. real tough decision that. nothing against the walrus but i'm with the babe on this one.

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