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Apr 13, 2007
I very rarely use Pay Pal. If I buy on EBAY I usually just use the Pay Pal enter your credit card feature. Last month, I had a couple transactions where I had to go and use Pay Pal, once to pay for something and another to receive a $30 partial credit on a defective item.

I ended up with a $30 balance in Pay Pal and then used $29 to buy something else. That would leave me with $1 in my account.

Today I went to update my linked credit card and it seems that they have changed the way it works to make me have a "cash account" linked to my personal account.

When I started to set up the cash account, they demanded my birth date and the last four digits of my SSN. That sort of spooked me. Why would they need the partial SSN?

If they had a legitimate need to file tax information, would they not need the entire SSN?

Have any of you gone through this cash account set up process? The information seems to have something to do with having a "verified" pay pal account. The help said that if you had a verified account they would have created your cash account automatically.

At this point, they say I have $1 "to receive".

I have some delusion that I might want to sell some stuff on EBAY, and I get the impression that you can't do this without having a Pay Pal account linked to EBAY. Is that correct?

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