Does anyone know where you can see premium/discount of ETFs in realtime?


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Jul 4, 2005
I am reading an article on morningstar, and had the understsanding that ETFs generally trade at NAV. Apparently when the market was hammered, some couldn't keep up.

The market prices of single country and regional ETFs, such as iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 (FXI) and iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM), not only fell hard (by 10% and 8%, respectively), but also ended the day way below their net asset values, which is not supposed to happen with ETFs.

ETF market prices usually trade fairly close to the NAVs of their underlying holdings, but discounts and premiums can open up periodically, particularly in ETFs tracking narrowly defined or harder-to-trade market segments. China and emerging-markets funds certainly meet that description, which helps explain why the iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 and iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETFs ended the day with startling discounts to their NAVs of nearly 9 and more than 4 percentage points, respectively.


Anyone know a place to see a comparison of NAV and trading price during market hours?
Nice site. Also, I know at least some have intraday NAV tickers too. For example, the NAV of CVY (Zack's High Yield ETF) is tracked under ^CYM. (It works on Yahoo Finance with that ticker but not Fido's website, so I don't know if there's a special way to enter it there.)
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