Don't Carry SS Card. Medicare?

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Aug 31, 2005
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Nobody has asked to see my social security card for a long time. But I'm on Medicare now (with a commercial supplemental policy) and wonder what would happen if I needed urgent medical care on a trip and didn't have the Medicare card along? Not sure my supplemental policy ID would be considered good enough...
... make a copy of the card and blackout the last 4 digits of the number and keep that with you.

I just received my Medicare card this weeks so this is timely for me and answers a potential problem I had not thought about but I'm wondering if the recommendation in the article is backwards. The military uses names and last four digits of the SS#. I'm thinking the article might have meant black out all the numbers EXCEPT the last four. Anyone else agree with that?

I read something similar some time ago and that's what I do..........
but.........I wonder if it really will work when the time comes.........

1) The bus system in Honolulu gives a big discount if you show a Medicare care but they won't if you show a copy even w/ all the numbers.
2) I used to have the impression that a power of attorney would solve a host
of problems (not related to this subject) but the real world is different and I find that many (most?) institutions require the POA to be on their form or that you fill out an affidavit (their form) swearing that the POA is real.

Anyone have any real world experience w/ Medicare providers?
Some years ago there was a bill introdiced to divorce Medicare numbers from SS#s, but i beleive our wonderful congresspeople let it die on the vine. I guess they could not figure out how to get an adequate skim for themselves.

I think it was the cost of conversion that scared them off.
Everyone receives their Medicare card when they turn 65 years old. But, your Medicare number is tied directly to your social security number – something identity thieves just love.

Not altogether true. As I receive spousal SS benefits, my MC number reflects DWs SS#, not mine. But I like the idea of not carrying the card at all but then I'd have to go to all of the trouble of memorizing DW's # and that additional letter or two that they tag on. Life is always too complex...
I lost my SS card 40years ago, never replaced it and began receiving my SS monthly retirement benefit 16 months ago. Scanning one's Medicare card into their computer might be a good idea.
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Last week DW and I got the new military ID cards that do not have the sponsor's SSN writen on them. This has been long over due. I am still concerned whether to carry or not carry my Medicare card. The back of the new military IDs do state that I have Part B Medicare. Maybe that is all that is needed.:confused:
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