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Jul 14, 2007
I was watching a local station that had a guy named Ed Slott talking about retirement strategies.

My Dad's birthday is coming up and he is getting close to retirement so I was going to get him at least one of Ed's books.

Just wondering if anyone has read any of Ed's books and if they had any they thought would be good to buy for my Dad?

ed slott is probley the king when it comes to stratagies to save taxes in estate planning...
I've read "Time Bomb" and "Parlay Family Fortune" a few yrs ago. Very educational and w/ detailed examples about RMDs and stretch IRAs. I just saw him on public TV last night and he basically was talking about the same things so I imagine his newest book is probably similar........I was going to suggest that your father just borrow the books from the library but they seem reasonably enough priced so if you don't have any other ideas for gifts,they would be ok.
Amazon.com: Ed Slott: Books

If Amazon still has the deal going, you might be able to sign up for an Amazon Visa card and get $30 free credit so the book (and more) would be free. It probably is as important for you to read it as for your father since successful implementation of the stretch IRA depends your actions being correct as much (or perhaps even more) than what he does. Ed Slott has a website irahelp.com Ed Slott America's IRA Expert and a forum there where you can ask questions.
I recently read The Retirement Savings Time Bomb, and How to Defuse It. I thought it was excellent, and I'm going to base a lot of my estate decisions on it. It will also be useful for screening estate planners/lawyers. I recommend his stuff unreservedly.
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