FIRE by 2018


Dryer sheet wannabe
Mar 7, 2006

I'm another Young Dreamer shooting for FIRE.  I've been reading posts on this forum for over a year now and have posted in the past using a different handle.  I want to reintroduce myself as fire2018 as I now have a more specific goal in mind than I had in the past.  I also recently joined the personal finance bloggers network and have been slowly trying to put my financial pieces together.

While I have done particularly well in Real Estate, I struggle to achieve financial savviness in the securities market.  My more immediate goal is to learn as much as possible in the areas of investments in stocks, bonds, and CDs.  I recently picked up Ben Stein's "Yes, You Can Become a Successful Income Investor!  Reaching for Yield in Today's Market."  I hope that's a good start.

I will be updating my progress on my website, and I will no doubt ask lots of questions in this forum.  See you in Young Dreamers.

Just a word of warning: the frst rule of successful income investing is "don't reach for yield". I have seen more instances of retail investors turning into yield hogs and being sorry for it than I care to recall.
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