Good article about retiring in 40's from military

Wow, pension income nearly 60k/yr...I wonder how they can do it...
I'm sure they can manage but I couldn't do it there way. 60K with three kids and college ahead of them isn't horrible, though with a little effort they could raise their standard of living. Different strokes for diff......... .
Dual incomes for 20 years (to say nothing of the COLA & healthcare) can work just as well as one income for 40 years.

Now that they've finally gathered all their possessions around them, it sounds like they have a lot of Craigslist & eBay selling ahead too.
I like that motto: il dolce far niente - the sweetness of doing nothing.

When I retired from the military, I took 90 days of terminal leave and sent out resumes. It never crossed my mind to do what they have. I think it's great, if they can pull it off and the kids stay content. They almost sound like Amy Dacyczyn of Tightwad Gazette fame. Of course, I've got an old Ford pickup and I do change the oil.
well, they are living on a lot more than we are. I don't think they have to worry.

We are choosing to live on much less since we want to be home with our young children and each other. and when you homeschool you don't have to worry about all the HOMEWORK they kept mentioning :)
Unless he is a stock picking whiz, I'd say goodbye to the margin. Too dangerous when money is tight anyway. I don't know when the interview was done, but I wonder how the margin account did this month:confused:
Other than that they should be okay, provided the kids are good with lots of college debt.
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