Hello there!


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Aug 27, 2006
Hello all!

I've been lurking on and off for the last few months on and off. Thought it was about time to join the ranks ;)

I'm 24 years old and went back to school last year (I am working full time while in school however) and will have my Business Management diploma in December, and then will slowly work on my Business Administration degree. Hopefully will be returning to work as a desk jockey next year, allowing me to save more for the down payment and of course more to retirement fund. I have about $10K in mutal funds, and $20K in my down payment fund and $1200 in my vacation fund. I'm not sure exactly when I will be retiring, but if all goes as planned will be sooner rather than later...

- lil p
Welcome to the board, lil_p. Always good to hear from a former lurker...
Sounds like you would be intersted in the Young Dreamers section. Slightly different focus, when young/working and when retired.
For 24 years old, you are off to a real good start. You are one of the smarter ones. Keep it up.
Hey lil,

You are fortunate to be thinking retirement at such a young age. Also having this forum full of like minded people on their way and already there to bounce things off of is a huge advantage.
24 is a great age - have fun!

AND LBYM, save, invest and you will be able to start your own countdown in the not to far future.
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