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I found this site and obviously am new to it. I plan on retiring in about 13 years, which happens to coincide with the second year of juniors college. It seems like ya'll have a lot of knowledge on this site and hopefully I can learn a lot form all of you.

So HI! :D
Welcome aboard. A lot of good information in many threads on this site. Take your time going through them to get up to speed. I joined earlier this year and have found many of the items informative.
Retiresoon-- Greetings and welcome to the Board. Sounds like you have a little way to go yet but you will get some great ideas and no nonsense advice here.
Best advice for young people is to get started on a regular saving/investing routine and keep at it through thick and thin. Resources will be there to give you the ER option at a reasonable age. Good luck.

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