Hi, I'm Dalmuti, longtime lurker ready to join the conversation


Confused about dryer sheets
Aug 26, 2013
Hi, I have been reading the boards here for a year or two, and have really appreciated forming the basics of my retirement strategy based on the discussions here. I decided I should finally create an account so that I can actually join the discussions instead of standing by the sidelines.

I am 30, and not on a super-aggressive track to retirement, but I certainly have no interest in working a day past 60. In reality I expect to retire closer to 50, but I'm way too far from that date to start getting my hopes up now.
Welcome aboard, Dalmuti. As you've already seen, we've got a nice community of people here who are both knowledgeable and helpful. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I wish I'd found this site when I was 30! I didn't start thinking about retirement till I was in my early 40's....ugh!
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