Hi, my name is Gerry


Confused about dryer sheets
Apr 18, 2008
Venice, Florida
I am a CPA/financial planner in Florida. I joined this site because I am interested in getting and sharing information about investing, retirement and related subjects. I've been in the business over 30 years (I should be retired) and have a lot of "war" stories, most of which are true.:)
Hello Gerry and welcome to the forum...I think. The reason for the qualifier is that we have a steady stream of financial planners/insurance salespeople show up here and say they are "interested in getting and sharing information about investing, retirement and related subjects". Unfortunately it becomes clear after a few posts that their real motivation is to advertise their services - something the forum does not allow.

If seeking clients is your motivation for being here you will get a much better return on your time investment elsewhere. If you are in that small minority who can contribute with no solicitation for business, then welcome and we're glad to have you.

That said, what's your financial situation and why aren't you FIREd? :cool:
First of all, I'm not looking for clients. As a Registered Investment Advisor (my primary business), I'm restricted from doing and saying a lot of things that would be considered "advertising." And I take the rules seriously. You won't see any solicitation coming from me--I didn't even list my website on my profile.

I am here because I saw a posting from "Google Alerts" regarding annuities and it was the first one I've seen that gave a true picture of those products. I have posted a reply to it.

The reason I'm still working is simply because I like what I do and, I must confess, I'm somewhat of a crusader for financial planning and passive investing.
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