How much do you spend per month on fitness?


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Aug 22, 2017
I was just looking at reddit (I know) and there was a thread detailing how much money these people spend monthly on personal trainers, multiple gym memberships and classes, clothes, protein powder. . .

My frugal and out of shape soul was shocked to see hundreds of $ going out.

I assume most of these folks are young too and I can't help but wonder if they have any money left to save . . . but that is another topic. . .

My total is zero unless you count running shoes for my walking. Even then I get 2 generations back so they are not $.

Certainly no one would argue I am in good shape or that I don't need to put out some more effort but I realized I'd never seen such a discussion here.

Just for fun. Count what you please as an expense. I wouldn't count groceries but I can see where some would say organic this or special that is valid and it is.
It's hard to say. I would have to average out the cost of treadmill, exercise bike, running shoes, e-bike, biking shoes, and more. I'm not paying for any memberships right now. So, maybe $50/mo to $75/mo average over the long term.
$4.17 month for LA Fitness membership.

Otherwise 2 pairs of running shoes a year.
Zero on equipment. (I bought a used treadmill 8 years ago)

Zero on "fitness" clothes. Old t-shirts and shorts suffice.

Two pairs of walking shoes per year.

No gym memberships, classes, or personal trainer here - just good old fashioned blood, sweat, and tears! :D
Zero now. And probably zero for the foreseeable future. I bought my dumbbells, treadmill, and e-bike years ago and are all in good shape. I have about 8 pairs of hiking shoes/ boots and running shoes so I won't be needing any of those soon. Same with clothing - have jackets, pants, etc to last a while.
I have a Planet Fitness membership for $10 a month, which includes access to the gym and its amenities. Additionally, I purchase a couple of pairs of walking shoes each year for my fitness routine. While I spend approximately $100 a week on golf green fees, I consider my membership and the cost of my walking shoes to be worthwhile investments in my health and well-being.

During the pandemic, I purchased a stationary bike for $300, which has been a valuable addition to my home exercise equipment. I also have a set of two three-pound hand weights. I make sure to use both my Planet Fitness membership and my home exercise equipment regularly, aiming for a minimum of three days a week of hour-long workouts.

Daily exercise is a crucial part of my routine, just like my morning coffee. It keeps me active, healthy, and energized throughout the day.
6 pairs of shoes yearly. Some shirts and shorts. An occasional tournament. All for pickleball. Fiance some gym clothes.
Perhaps around 100 monthly.
I invested in a small home gym a few years back.

Main expenses, approx from memory:

Squat rack/bench/safety arms/rack accessories (j cups, horns to hold plates): $700
Barbell: $300
Plates: $300
Dumbbells: $100 (got deal)
Storage/organization: $200
Floor mat/rubber tiles, good ones: $300

Most of that was over 2020/21, and will last me forever.
You know you have too much money when you pay $250 a month to go to a Stretch Lab once a week. Therapist stretches out every muscle in your body.

I just feel so much better afterwards and I believe that as you get older, flexibility is more important than strength.
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Let's see - Planet Fitness - $10/month + $39 annual membership = $159. Then minus the $150 credit I get from my medical plan...

So I spend $9/year!
$1,900 in 2023 $600 excluding eBike

$1,400 in 2022 $900 excluding a bike rack
Those are sort of outliers but it's likely I have a "big purchase" in the fitness category every few years so perhaps they are more lumpy expenses.

My bikes, paddleboard, weights and weightbench are paid for and quite durable. I'd consider a gym for classes but I'm too lazy to try a bunch to find a good fit for my goals and personality and I feel like too many give the hard sell and I hate that. Usually spend under $75 on running shoes... try for $50 but that price point is getting harder to hit. I'll buy unpopular colors of brands that work for me (ASICs primarily).
Shoes for long walks - about $10 /month. 14 foot aluminum rowboat for rowing/upper body - $0. Mowing and yard work - Monthly savings - $350. Looks like I'm making money with my pursuit of fitness.
Shoes for long walks - about $10 /month. 14 foot aluminum rowboat for rowing/upper body - $0. Mowing and yard work - Monthly savings - $350. Looks like I'm making money with my pursuit of fitness.
Except for the boat thing my cost and cost savings are exactly the same as you lol.
So far this year I have bought two bikes** (a gravel bike and a 27.5" mtb), a few clothes from Decathlon and one pair of trail running shoes. Maybe $1k in total ? It's unusual for me and I would say that could be amortized over about 5 years so... $200 a year ?

I mostly run and bike outdoors or on cheap treadmills/trainers bought decades ago in the winter. For resistance training I mostly do calisthenics (pushups, squats, pullups, chinups) The latter being on a homemade bar.

**it's likely going to be an "annus horribilius" for the global bike industry this year. Quite a few major brands are likely to go bankrupt and so are many bike stores as well. It's probably going to be an excellent year to get deals on bikes. My two should have cost about $1700 between them. I got them at a bankruptcy auction. Total: $515 for the pair.
Unless I count golf, zero on physical fitness. If I count supplements and eating well, the number goes up. Physically, I spend time doing my yard work, swimming and maintaining my pool and golfing. Golf is about $50/week. Pool was a lot to build but not much to maintain and yard work doesn’t cost much either unless I do a new project. I keep moving as best I can, but I don’t “exercise”. If I’m feeling a little sluggish, I will go for a walk.
I'm wayyyyy on the other side. My two main fitness hobbies are mountaiin biking and downhill skiing.

My bike cost about $4K, and I replace it every six or seven years. I have lots of trails around here, but I'll take a 2-3 day trip now and then.

My ski pass is "free", since I w*rk at the mountain 15 days/year. But ski clothes and gear ain't cheap.

I ride my bike almost every day in the summer. And I've gone over 100 ski days each of the last two years. So, my stuff gets used.

Fitness might be my largest discretionary line item. But I don't mind. I know I won't be able to do these things forever.
Planet Fitness for me - $159 per year

Kombucha ~ $1.85 per day for a bottle. A little extravagant but it really helps my digestion.

Fresh vs. Processed foods - I don't do organic, but try to buy more fresh vs. freezer/fast food meals. That costs more, just not sure how much more.
I have a very old treadmill - at least 10 years old. It originally had attachments for the arms - but those fell off. Otherwise, I still like/ use it. It probably cost me around $600.

My Pilates machine is also old. I bought that a number of years ago off of QVC. It still works and I still use it a few times a week (best recollection around $350).

I bought a stationary bike about two years ago after using one when staying with DS. That cost about $119.

I have small hand weights - some inherited from my parents which I still use. (My DF was seriously into fitness, had a master's degree in physical education and he had all weight ranges. My sons took the heavier weights when the moved out.)

I also do exercize which doesn't require equipment.

I recently looked into joining a small local gym which had good reviews, but the classes were either at 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. or in the evening. With my doggo waking me up at night I can't do early morning classes and I don't want to go late.

I had wanted to buy a Total Gym for more resistance training, but space is a factor. If/ when we move, I want a workout room - with a view. :D

Any type of "protein powder" or supplements would fall under the food budget.
Two pair of running shoes per year. Maybe $150 per year.

One pair of hiking boots every other year. Maybe $75 per year.

Maintenance/repairs on hybrid bicycle maybe $100 per year.

Charitable gift to local Nature preserve where I regularly run or shoe shoe the trails. About $250 per year.

Helping the Boy Scouts split firewood (with gas powered splitter) or the food pantry pack food boxes are free workouts, but at 75, I can only contribute so much before I need a nap.

Maybe $10 for gas to power my push mower which translates into a several mile strenous walk averaging once a week (in the spring it is every five days).

Exercise indoors:confused:?? Do the basement stairs count?

Oh, you asked about monthly expenses:confused:? No such items.
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Usually I walk outside so just need good shoes. I did buy a pedal machine for 150 at Kohl’s so I can exercise without leaving the house. I don’t use it often but it doesn’t take much space and I can get a really good workout. Recently I started chair yoga twice a week for 80/month. I could spend half that by taking both classes on zoom instead of one in person.
I'm not surprised to find people here not spending much.

Some of the people on the original thread were spending $500+ a month no joke. That is more than my last car payment (admittedly my car is old).
I didn't read this as the cost of equipment purchased years ago, but rather current expenses such as membership fees.
I have a Peloton membership attached to my Peloton bike purchased 4 years ago. The cost is $44/ month and I consider it well worth the cost. I ride to live or recorded classes about 5 days a week. Also, use it for strength, stretching and meditation classes. Its like having a gym membership that I don't have to leave my home to use.

Occasionally when I am able to get into a live Peloton Studio Cycling Class in NYC, that cost is $35...cheaper than a Taylor Swift concert ticket, but almost as hard to get! LOL
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