I'm re-thinking Florida for my old age.....



After seeing the damage from hurricane Charley this weekend in Florida, I'm thinking that the Minnesota Winters may not be that bad after all. :(

The rental snowbird option is the one that seems to fit me. At least Hurricanes don't hit in Dec-Mar. 8)

Old man Aurther Ritis may have a vote eventually. :)


Heh, heh, heh

26 years in hurricane alley - and a May tornado in 95 took the roof off while we were sleeping and three days of rain pretty much wiped out the inside. Houses on either side were untouched - went about twenty miles and wiped out two more houses and a greyhound size RV in a toney subdivision.

When I was little my father took us to Mt. St. Helens every summer quite often, went to Y camp, Boy Scout Camp and climbed all over the mountain. Didn't do spit until 1980.

Now Mr. A. R. runs in both sides of the family - I can hardly wait.
Hey Cut-Throat, if you are worried about hurricanes,
and especially if you would stay in Minn. because of them, you need help man. More than this site can provide :)

John Galt
I spent a couple of weeks in florida here and there. After getting nearly knocked down by the humidity and after getting the TAIL end of the hurricanes up in new england, I decided the southwest was a better idea.
Moving from Denver to New Orleans - the humidity took a while to get comfortable with - of course - in my old age, we run the A/C. Went the first fifteen years with a whole house fan - if we wanted A/C before ER - we could always go to work.
I lived in Florida for about 25 years and we had a few 'canes once and a while but mostly it was just an excuse to get off of work/school and party.

With 2 huge (cat 4 and 5) multi-billion dollar storms is the last 11 years it makes you wonder if there are more big ones in the future doesn't it?

Kinda' remands me of the equities markets!
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