Let me introduce myself,


Dryer sheet wannabe
Jul 24, 2003
I just arrived at the beautiful age of 62 (think social security checks), healthy and happy.
(Divorced mother of two grown sons who do not need me to get through their day.)
My dream is to retire in Buenos Aires, a city I know and love, early next year.
My idea is to do a geritol gypsy sojourn, and move to staid Cincinnati at 65.
That is where my children and grandchildren live; they are hoping I will grow up by then.
I am what you might call an aging hippie. Always worked for nonprofits. Traveled a lot.
Don't have a pile of dollars but am not in debt. I live simply but well in the Bay Area.
My friends think I'm crazy to do this. I think I might be crazy, but not stupid.
That is me; who are you all?
Who is John Galt? Read my posts. Way over 200 and I've barely scratched the surface. Opinions on
everything and no reluctance about sharing them..................

As to your "plan", sounds good to me. If it doesn't work out you can always change it.

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