Mutual Fund Chart with Dividend reinvested. Link?


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Mar 1, 2006
Someone posted a link to a nice site for mutual fund chart WITH dividend reinvested a few weeks ago. What was that link? Thanks.
was it for specific funds or various indices, like the periodic chart?
If I remembered correctly, it was for any mutual fund. Perf(ormance) chart? Both dividend and distribution reinvested. I could be wrong though.
Thanks jazz4cash. No, it's not what I'm looking for, but it's interesting. I've never seen it before.

Let me try again.

The above chart show the price for Fidelity Contrafund WITHOUT dividend and distribution RE-INVESTED. Without the re-investment, it's loss. Without re-investment, it would be a gain of about 12%. I looking for the charting program that includes re-investment, for any fund.
MSN money does very nice charts if you download the deluxe portfolio/charting/screener toolkit. See

Just note that the database is not updated after those huge year-end distribution for a little while. The chart will state "*Includes distributions" when distributions are included ANYWHERE in the plot.
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