"Never use dryer sheets again"


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Dec 11, 2002
From the Dollar Stretcher website (stretcher.com):

"I use a sponge or a "handy wipe" dipped in liquid fabric
softener instead of dryer sheets. Not only is it cheaper, but also I can get the fragrance that I want without waiting for it to come out as a fabric softener sheet. Just buy one of the refill cartons, pour some in an old butter tub with a lid, add water, and put in a sponge (cut in half) or handy wipe. I keep the bowl on my dryer."

I hear Dory is looking for donations to stitch together a new spinnaker...
I just dont use them!

But...I did get yelled at last week when the wife hung up her own clothes right out of the dryer. "Put a damn quarter dryer sheet in my clothes so they dont come out static-y!!!" ;)
You got lucky that time.

In our house a grievous sin like that would have instantly had me promoted to "Laundry King".
A title I already hold, along with Shopping King, Cooking King, Dog and Cat Feeding and Watering King, and Bug Killing King.

But thats fair considering she's holding the title "Works Three Twelve Hour Night Shifts a Week Queen"...
Yeah TH, I hear you. I am also the Lawn King,
Vehicle Service King, etc etc. I am not complaining though, as it sure beats workin'........................

John Galt
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