New at PenFed - 3% 5yr certificates

Maybe not completly over. If you have an account at PFCU what do you think the significance of the caution regarding Feb 2014 maturing CD's is? Why just caution one about Feb 2014? Isn't it important for any CD regardless of the month of maturity? Guess we will have to wait until someone rolls a Feb 2014 maturing PFCU CD for a new term of 5 or 7 years (and posts the result).

OAG, can you cut and paste the caution for us? I don't see it in my account, but I don't have a Feb maturity. My parents do, though, so I would like to see the notice.
Here it is. I do have one CD maturing in Feb on the 28th of the month so I don't know what they plan. NFCU is an alternative for 3% (7 yr CD's) if one has an account there.

From PFCU:

"Important Message: If you haven’t done so already, please review the maturity options for your certificate(s) maturing this month by clicking the following link. This gives you the ability to manage certificate rollovers, distribution of funds at maturity, and your monthly dividend payments. Please review your elections today."
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