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Dec 11, 2002
This is an experimental archive of frequently-asked questions on popular topics.

We're trying to make it easier for new members to catch up on [-]old[/-] rediscovered issues. The board's keyword "Search" feature doesn't always turn up the most pertinent discussions and a new poster might not even know what to search for. We veterans find ourselves answering the same questions many times so I think this could be an easier way to refer someone to what's already been discussed.

I only intend to post the links here, not to summarize the discussions. I don't want to appear to project a bias on this part of the forum (you can find plenty of that in my posts) and it's worth reading the threads chronologically to see how things have developed over the months. Then you can make up your own mind.

It's worth noting that many issues have both a financial/logical component and an emotional/family component. Each component is just as valid as the other and each can be just as dangerous. You may logically arrive at the most perfect asset allocation ever seen-- but if you're worried about its volatility and it keeps you up at night, or if you'll sell out in fear when the market tanks, then logic was of little use here. Pick a more conservative allocation that lets you sleep at night. Likewise you may stomp out of your sucky job and burn all your bridges only to discover that your ER financial plan has a flaw. If your ER portfolio depends on avoiding a single point of failure then maybe you need to change your employment or find a way to put up with the status quo a little longer. So analyze as much as you want but listen to what your heart & family are trying to tell you... it has to be a team concensus.

The admins, moderators, and I have the permissions to post and maintain this forum. If you'd like to add a FAQ topic, please gather up your threads and PM or e-mail them to me. I'll turn them into a post and credit the contributor. This is just an experiment so I'm happy to hear how we can improve it!
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