Retire Early Now Or?


Confused about dryer sheets
Jul 7, 2003
:-/ I've just been offered an early retirement and have to make a decision within the next 9 days. $25,000 cash and 60% pension is the offer. This is a hard decision to make.
What is the alternative?

- Is the company that you work for in good financial shape?

Do you get 100% of the pension in 5, 10 years?

How much is the pension?

Need some more information to give advice!
take the money and enjoy your family life!I too, had to face similar problem-it worked out for me.I was 38 when put out to pasture(disabled);my children during the first year,told me"dad,we like you being were like other kids."words out of a child mouth-rings so true.some background about me.Iam in my fifties,today.I have worked part-time for 14 years and spend as much time as I can with my (extended) family as I can.I stumbled into this web site two days ago,am thrilled to see fellow travelers .my wife continues to work full time(same company for 36 years)and i work two part time jobs(42hours) a week.put my sons thru school.but Iam a failure: because most of my family retired at 55 years of age-I can not!I hope to retire at 62,wish me luck.
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