Retiring sounds like fun!

Razor Dan

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Apr 30, 2013
Hi friends of the forum, my name's Razor Dan. I'm a salesman from Ohio, and there's nothing I'd rather do than sit back and fish all day.
Welcome aboard, Dan! Lots of good info and helpful folks here.

Welcome Razor Dan. Always wondered what it was like to be a salesman. Fishing does sound better though.
Yep, fishing is great. Just returned from a week on the White River in Arkansas.
Beautiful country.
Welcome to the forum!

I was a salesman once. On the application for my next job to the question "Have you ever been fired or asked to leave a position? If yes, explain."

I wrote "While I have many talents, sales is not one of them".
Can you make a living combining fishing and sales skills?
Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody

Being a salesman isn't so bad, on a good day. But on a bad day it can be the worst job in the world. :D

Really i just do fishing recreationally. Its a new hobby, but one that Im hoping to be able to get out and do much more.

my plan, well, i wish I had a better one, but so far it's to save like mad and hope in 10-15 years I can go ahead and retire. What I need to do is look into something like an index or mutual fund, you know?

Walt34, that's a good joke and i may have to borrow it one day.

One day maybe I'll be able to combine fishing and sales skills, once I get very good at it. That would be the life, huh?

But again, thank you everybody for the warm welcome, and lets hope I can contribute something awesome to you guys :)
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