Roth - Traditional - Roth Conversion???


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Feb 11, 2011
Looking for some help - I have had two Roth IRAs (one in my name, one in my wife's) for 5-6 years. A couple of years ago my income started exceeding the maximum for a Roth. I have read somewhere that there's a way to convert to a Roth from a traditional even if you exceed the income max for a Roth.

Do I have to convert to a traditional IRA?

Can I convert to a traditional and then back to a Roth? If so, how?
Not sure I really understand the question but if you are asking if you have to get rid of your existing Roths that were legitimate at the can keep them if you qualified for that yr. In yrs when your income is too high to contribute to a Roth,
you can contribute to a traditional (probably can't deduct contributions but check to be sure). Was that the correct question?

If you contribute to an IRA of any type and later (within time limits) decide
you need it to be the other type, you can recharacterize it.....ask your broker how to do it......they probably require you to fill out a form.
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